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MGM Guarnera Brothers  Based in New York

Open your eyes and your ears to the incredible talents of our family band. The MGM GUARNERA BROTHERS offers the talents of our band and singers for your endless enjoyment, wowing countless guests and event planners throughout the nation.

The Music People Love
You'll love the smooth musical styling of our family, as we forever sing, play, and write music together in our longstanding family tradition. Experience our family's passion for music anywhere you go with our albums available for purchase, filled with songs you are sure to sing along to.

You'll enjoy the covers and original songs featured on our CDs, featuring in English,Spanish and Italian-language with a variety of top 40 hits oldies and classics.

Booking Information
Call us about booking our band for your wedding or special event. Let's discuss your event details, and then we'll get into planning out the lighting and stage design necessary to achieve your desired ambiance. Call us today for more information.

Contact us today for more information on our band.